This week we celebrate Thanksgiving, but did you know Israel also has time to celebrate Thanksgiving?
In Israel, Sukkot is the traditional harvest festival, and they celebrate it with great passion, similar to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving in Israel, or Sukkot, is a significant festival, and on this day, many ancient customs are followed.
The Sukkot is celebrated to remember the healthy harvest of fruits during ancient times. In olden times, most Jews were farmers or shepherds. Every day in the past, Jews walked from their homes to their crop fields to look after their crops while crossing the hot desert. During the harvest season, the farmers would build huts or shelters within the fields to avoid wasting time and effort walking back and forth from their homes to the fields. This way, they took care of their crops well and earned huge profits. These huts were temporary dwellings for the people of Israel.
I had the privilege to visit Israel during Sukkot, a remarkable experience.
Here in America, we have a lot to be thankful for. This year we can thank God for the opportunity to go to the Holy Land within 12 months, and we all await all God will do in each one of us during this trip.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Joey Santos

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