Baah-Binney: Gahna

New International

Since 1989

Founded in 1989 as New Mission Systems International (NMSI), New International was one family’s dream to assist Russian pastors in planting churches and discipling new believers. Building on this foundation, New International continues to join with God in what He is already doing to foster the church and believers globally. Over the past 30 years, our missionaries have lived out the gospel message all around the world, touching hundreds and thousands of individuals’ lives.

Joshua and Victoria were born and raised in Ghana. They married in 1997 and are blessed with three children: Emma, Cara and Jedidiah. Joshua and Victoria were both involved in ministerial work while they were in Ghana before moving to the USA for graduate studies. Joshua was a lead pastor and raised an outreach team which established new churches in the southern, middle and northern parts of Ghana, while Victoria served as women’s and children’s director. She also offered counseling to female leaders and pastors’ wives. They were involved with prison ministry which provided recovery and aftercare programs for inmates and their families, as well as trained & supervised facilitators in this program for para-church organizations and churches. They helped individuals who desire to get rid of any life-controlling habit/addiction to lead transformed lives. Joshua and Victoria offered pastoral seminars and conferences in Ghana, Togo and Benin. Joshua and Victoria are involved in Church multiplication and leadership development (leadership seminars and mentoring). Both are mentoring pastors and in Ghana, Togo, Tanzania and Benin. They are involved with community outreach by providing clean water and free medical clinics in rural Ghana. They provide clinical and pastoral counseling as well as human rights advocacy for “Trokosi” women-slaves of the gods (virgins sent to shrines to pay for the crime of a relative). Victoria is in the process of researching to develop intervention which will work well in addressing the psychological and emotional needs of the liberated “Trokosi” women. Land has been acquired to build a Vocational school for the women to learn life skills to be independent.

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