Dominican Republic: GO Ministries

GO Ministries partners with local pastors in the Dominican Republic who desire to redeem people, renew their communities and restore creation.

Redeem People

“Redemption is meeting Jesus in a transformative way that saves us eternally. Liberated from the consequences of sin, we are made useful for the Kingdom by engaging in God’s mission to renew and restore every broken place locally and globally. Jesus is both the source and fuel for our service.

Renew Communities

“Transformed Christ-followers can’t help but work to reshape all the brokenness around them into wholeness. Redeemed people foster community renewal. They express faithfulness to their mission of neighborly love with creative, life-giving attention and care.

Restore Creation

“Restoration of Creation is moving towards the ultimate completion of God’s will for the world – as it was intended to be. This is all things made new and restored to right. It is what we are pushing towards, and what God ultimately will complete and perfect. Restoration is the culmination of redemption and renewal.

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