2023 Elder Selection

It is once again time for us to install new elders to our existing Board.  These three men, Larry Collins, Richard Heap and Tim Koch are being presented to the Congregation as a final step of affirmation . As part of the selection process, the candidates are presented to the Church body to allow anyone to offer caution to the Elders as to why they may no longer be qualified to serve.  This should be done in writing and submitted to the Chairman of the Board within these next two weeks.  The letter may be emailed to elders@ourchristschurch.com , mailed to or dropped off at the Church for delivery.


Larry Collins

Larry, along with his wife of 47 years, Marsha, has attended Christ’s Church for 24 years. They have two grown daughters, Lauren and Rebecca, both married, to Derek Yankoff and Chris Thamann, respectively. They are blessed that they live in this area and have seven grandkids, ages ranging from nineteen to two years old. They visit them every week, as they are part of the planned grand parenting focus/care. They lost their middle child, Amanda, in March of 2015; she was 35 years old.


After 30+ years in the Food and Beverage business and traveling all over the Country, Larry, along with Marsha relocated to Mason after accepting a position with Skyline Chili, as VP of Operations. Larry joined Christ’s Church just before construction began. Larry joined the CC Staff in 2000, to support facility and grounds oversight, and to assist the pastor at the time, Tom Moll, with the new construction and opening of this facility.


Larry retired after seventeen years with NACC, after he and the Board helped convert NACC to an online leadership tool called, Spire Network.  During his years at CC, he has served in many areas, primarily involving children, choir special events, seniors’ events, grounds care, and participation in many off-campus trips with groups from the church. He has spent his retirement primarily with family and his seven grandkids, along with his hobbies of fishing, travel, and bogey golf.



Richard Heap

Richard has been a member at Christ’s Church Mason for nearly 30 years. He was married to his wife Billie for 55 years prior to her passing in 2021. He accepted Christ and was baptized in July, 1957. He has four grown children with the three married families and twelve grandchildren living in the greater Cincinnati area and attend CC. His oldest son lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 


Richard graduated from Lincoln Christian College and Seminary in 1968. He pastored four different Christian churches over 20 years before transitioning into information systems support and education.  During his last ten years before retiring in January of 2017 he was with St. Elizabeth Health Care Systems and specialized in network security and forensics.


Over the years Richard has maintained a strong passion to seek and save the lost and has a love for traditional worship and praise as well as Southern Gospel music. He is known to travel many miles to attend Gospel Music events. He currently is loving his retired time in which he spends time with his grandkids at sporting and gymnastic events.



Tim Koch

Tim and his wife of 15 years, Terra, has attended Christ’s Church for eight years. They are raising their four boys on a farm in Warren County alongside pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and honeybees.  Two of their babies were dedicated at Christ’s Church. A Warren County native, he and Terra are both graduates of Miami University (OH).  Childhood friends who met at church in Lexington, KY, he and his family highly value the meaningful friendships developed in the church community.


The Kochs are actively involved in Christ’s Church, doing life in communities both within and outside the Christ Church buildings.  Tim began serving at a Build the Walls event, and his passion for working in the church has led him to serve in Rooted, the prayer ministry and service ministries over the years.  Together with his wife, they enjoy facilitating a small group where they find deep community and friendship. 


Tim has spent over a decade and a half leading people and organizations in aerospace in the U.S. and abroad to achieve their goals and participate meaningfully in their calling. Tim serves as a Leader in Trail Life working with youth in developing their leadership skills, honoring God, and a passion for the outdoors. Tim and Terra prioritize time with family and can often be found in nature, music and the arts.