Church at the Bar

Sundays at 10:20 am
The Monkey Bar and Grille
7837 Old 3C Hwy, Maineville, OH 45039

Life can be hard. Right now so many are experiencing loss, uncertainty and fear. But we weren’t meant to struggle with all of this alone, to figure it out by ourselves. We were made for connection and community with each other, for people who can help us and encourage us along the way. We were also made for a relationship with Jesus, the only one who can truly bring hope and change to our lives.

Is this something your life is missing? Join us at 10:20 each Sunday morning at The Monkey Bar and Grille in Maineville, OH as we do just that: learn more about Jesus while engaging in a supportive community where we can have real discussions about what matters most.  And Church at the Bar is for anyone and everyone, no matter where you are spiritually.

Are you looking to learn a little about the Bible and talk with others about what it means for you right here, right now? Join us Sundays at 10:20 at The Monkey Bar. We’ll save you a seat.