Student Ministry  

 About CCStudents 

CCStudents is for 7th through 12th grade students and is designed for students to experience God, connect with community, and have fun. We want to provide a safe space for students to hang out with friends while asking real questions like who is God and who does he say I am? 

 About 56 Students 

56 Students is for 5th and 6th graders and is designed specifically for a safe place for them to learn who Jesus is, hangout with friends, and have fun. 56 Students meets in the Gym every Sunday at 10:30am with fun games, an impactful message, and group time for them to answer some questions and see how their week is going.  

 CCStudents Service 

All 7-12 grade students should join us every Sunday at 10:30am in the Basement. Students get a chance to play games, hangout with friends, and grab a donut before heading into service. There we come together to worship, play large group games, and hear a message in a language that they understand.  

 Kingdom Workers 

We want all 7-12 grade students to be a part of our Sunday Night Kingdom Workers from 6-7:30pm. Kingdom Workers are all about serving the Kingdom of God in all sorts of creative ways. Kingdom Workers will be a groups night in the basement where students can process life in a deeper community and specifically in co-ed groups. Students will be able to grow deeper in their relationship with God and with others, all while enjoying free drinks and pizza. To sign up – CLICK HERE! 


Looking to connect to us online? CCLive is a perfect place to connect to Student Ministry. CCLive has its own unique experience where they can hear a message in a language they understand. Each week matches up with what we are speaking live that Sunday so you can feel connected to what’s happening. Student Programming starts at 10:10am each Sunday! 


Student Ministry runs because of volunteers. To volunteer with CCStudents, you don’t have to be in the lingo, able to push through the middle school BO, or know it all. You just have to be passionate about students and want to tell them about Jesus. 

 There are tons of different ways to serve. Become a leader for Kingdom Workers in the Fall and Spring, welcome and engage with students at our Sunday Morning Service, or events where you can serve once a month and help with creating an environment where students can have fun. Want to join the team? Fill out this form  and we’ll contact you!  


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