Take the Land

If you’ve ever built a house on an empty lot from the ground up, then you know how long the process can be. It can take unexpected twists and turns along the way, but when the day arrives that you get the keys and take possession of the property, it is all worth it. God’s people had wandered in the wilderness for 40 years under the leadership of Moses. But, when the time came, Moses handed the baton of leadership to Joshua and God prepared him for taking his people into the Promised Land. God had laid the vision before them and they just needed to be strong and courageous, trust his faithfulness, and step out of their comfort zones to claim the victories that God had prepared for them. Today, God has called us to follow the vision he has for us as well. This series provides several directives that will allow us to be successful in this endeavor.

Key Tag: Joshua 18:3, “How long will you wait to take possession of the land.” (NIV)